4 questions to ask your real estate agency when selling your home

If you want to sell your home, you first need to list it. So, you need to go to a real estate agency. The common questions most people ask the real estate agency are ‘how much they will get for their home’ and ‘what will be the agency’s commission.’ But other important questions are necessary to ask before selling your home. Here are four questions you should ask them when selling your house.

1. What is your experience?

You should ask the real estate agency how many years of job experience they have. Selling a home is an expensive business transaction. So, you need to rely on someone who has good experience in this regard. You should ask them how many homes they have successfully sold so far.

2. How will you market the listing?

You need to market your home to sell. It. So, you should ask the agency how they plan to market the homes in their listing. You should find out the marketing track record of the agent. You can look at their past listings and see how they enhance the visibility of the homes online. You should make sure that the agency uses quality photos for the listings.

3. What will be the mode of communication?

You should find out how frequently they will communicate with you and how. Ask them whether they are going to call you or use email for communication. You should not hire an agency if it’s difficult to communicate with them.

4. What are your stats?

You should look at the sales stats of an agent. You should check the list-to-price ratio. If the percentage is more than 100%, then it indicates that the home sells for more than the list price. You should also find out how long a property in the listing stays on the market. This indicates the agent’s ability to market the property and sell it at the appropriate price.

These questions will help you to judge a good real estate agency. If you get satisfactory answers to these questions, then you can hire the agency to sell your home.